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We’re reaching the point of diminishing returns *for our current paradigm* but that doesn’t mean we’re at the scientific end of history. Lovely piece. Thanks for writing

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Lovely reading. The philosophy and history of science is a subject near and dear to me.

For that matter I was just reading Erik J. Larsons book 'The Myth of Artificial Intelligence' and a lot of what he says seems to resonate favorably with many notes you strike here.

Larson, while writing on AI and Big Data (chapter 16), likewise addresses so many errors inherent in the idea that science can be truncated from an abductive, intuitive act of the human mind... into raw number crunching... as if a parallel to the emergence theory of consciousness itself.

It is heady stuff and strikes at the heart of so much! Thus I need to finish reading your article, then read it again. God. And then I would like to understand if any of this ties into say... the difference in how science was approached in the old culture of the USSR, this collectivizing de-personalizing impulse.

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This is some of the best writing in science. And it's not in a journal. Journals should go die. That's my take away.

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